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Hosted by the popular radio personality Charlene Springer, Boundless Spirit well surpasses the limits of your typical show. Topics include mystical, esoteric, and transcendental spiritualism, primordial and ancient civilizations, healing the body and wholeness, as well as world happenings and events. No where else will you find such a diverse list of guests, and holistic approaches to self actualization and healing. Boundless spirit goes beyond the terrestrial confines of this planet to explore spiritual concepts in this limitless universe.

Charlene Springer is a veteran radio host with a love for empowering others to be the best version of themselves.


Charlene Springer is a well known radio personality and producer, motivational speaker, photographer, and wellness specialist with over 19 years of holistic outreach including certifications in Japanese facial massage, Chinese esthetics, Lymph Drainage, and Vocal Profiling.  Her life’s work has been to encourage people to take control of their own lives through education and empowerment and to be able to see the greatness within themselves.  She is a huge promoter of transcendental meditation and enjoys reaching out beyond the physical into spiritual healing.  Charlene’s vast array of experience makes her uniquely qualified as the host of Boundless Spirit, and she is never afraid to ask the tough and important questions.